HowTo setup a 3-node Proxmox VE 7.1 cluster and configure it for High Availability on a single machine - Part 2 - for learning & testing purposes only

Host a 3-node Proxmox VE 7.1 cluster on a single PC and configure for High Availability (HA) - Cluster creation

In our earlier Part 1 article we covered how to create and configure the three VMs required to create a 3-node PVE cluster.

PVE = Proxmox VE

WAC = Web Admin Console (the web browser GUI to administer any Proxmox VE node)

For in-depth information read the official Proxmox VE Cluster Management.

We will name our cluster pvec-0. Login on the first node created earlier (pve-0 -

Datacenter -> Cluster -> Create Cluster




Following cluster creation click the following buttons:

Join Information -> Copy Information


Open the WAC of the second node (pve-1) created earlier, then:

Datacenter -> Cluster -> Join Cluster

Paste the information copied earlier and type the root user password of node pve-0, then click on the Join button.



After a few seconds you will get a connection error. Do not be alarmed as the only thing you have to do is close the pve-1 WAC session (not needed any longer). However, you can login again if you wish. The reason connection is lost is because the current node certificate has been replaced by the cluster certificate.

So you can either close the WAC or refresh to login again.

Repeat the last steps above for the third node (pve-2).

Now from any of the nodes' WAC (pve-0, pve-1, pve-2) you should be able to see the cluster you just created. If you kept the pve-0 WAC session open you should be able to observe the three nodes in the cluster.


On Part 3 we will explore cluster configuration.

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