A tech portal like no other - I hope...

I would like to thank everyone who has visited my blog on hashnode.

I am now moving all content to my portal - portal.habitats.tech - where I have complete control of the content presentation.

Having tested almost all blogging and newslettering sites I have come to the conclusion they are all very limited in what can be accomplished.

I will be sunsetting this blog by summertime. Please follow me on my portal where I have started publishing new content.

My first post letting everyone know what my plans are. I am on a mission to create a tech portal, which will cover all aspects of tech, looking for like minded individuals. I will cover HW, SW & DEV products and services in the fields of:

  • audiovisual

  • domotics

  • energy

  • informatics

  • security

  • furniture

  • materials

  • things

Focus is on free donation-ware open source .

We will also be exposing and rank the best sources of information from all over the web. If you have ideas or would like to contribute you are very welcome to share.

We will not be running ads or any other kind of sponsorship, except donations from any individual who would like to support us .

Our primary source of income is from the smart automation company we run based in Dubai. However as we would like to make reviews and expose good and bad products, donations will become more important as we move forward.

In any case let us start and see where our hard work and luck takes us.

The presentation of the material will be based on a knowledge tree with leafs containing links and information. It will look similar to the following image.


Wishing you all happiness and prosperity.